When was the last time you Googled something? If you did you probably got the answer you needed relatively quickly. This is no coincidence. 

If you’ve ever wondered why some websites rank higher on Google than others and why you can’t get your business site to the top of that list, it is probably because you haven’t been using the right keywords.

Yes, what ranks highly is often not based on merit or what users think is the best website. In fact, it is often down to what keywords are used to construct the text of the website to ensure that users can find it easily.

Getting the best results depends on how well you’ve search engine optimized (SEO) your website. 

Here’s what SEO keywords are all about. 

Asking All the Right Questions

In order to figure out which keywords are going to be most useful for getting your business website ranked highly, it is important to first understand what people search for when they log on to Google. This is called keyword research.  

The top trending search terms of 2018 were large questions about major events. For example, although ‘world cup’ was the top search term, this was usually followed by ‘how to vote’ or ‘how to register to vote. 

Rather than searching for Bitcoin, many people would then ask ‘how to buy bitcoin’. This makes sense since human beings are curious creatures, who love asking questions and having them answered. 

The rise in asking questions might also be due to the rise in people using services like Google Voice rather than conventional web-based searches. 

This why you need to optimize your copywriting for voice search

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The Internet as a Library

Let’s say you walked into a giant library before the internet was invented, looking for the answer to a particular question. This library contained all the books in existence. But the librarian told you that they had not bothered to set up a filing system.

Users of the library took what book they needed and then returned it on whatever shelf they wanted. You would never stand a chance of finding what you wanted. In fact, you could spend your entire life searching for the book you needed or the question you needed answering. This is what can happen if you don’t use keywords.

Keywords help us get to what we need so it is important they are intuitive, general enough that the widest possible amount of users can find what they want but specific enough that those with, special interests can also find your page. 

One example is that if you had a business centred around an app like Tinder or Bumble but for helping people make new friends, rather than dates, in their local area.

The keywords ‘mates’ or ‘mating’ might lead those with an interest in animal reproduction to your site. However, those users would have no interest in your business. Instead ‘looking for mates’ or ‘mating not dating’ would be better keywords that would attract traffic that would actually grow your business. 

SEO Keywords Win The Day

SEO keywords can improve the traffic to your site but they are also common sense. and not just a marketing tool. They help those who want to find your site, find it.

Google rewards those who ensure their content is SEO ready because you are helping to bring order to the chaos of the world wide web. 

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