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Why SEO Lead Generation Services Work

This accumulation of rankings only serves to spread a business’s reach

There is no way around it. SEO lead generation services are one of the most cost-effective strategies for generating leads online. Businesses benefit from sustainability when they employ this long-term tactic via their website. This “natural method” maintains a presence online for a practically unlimited amount of search phrases – or keywords. Better still, as SEO builds at a steady and natural pace, a business can opt to target further keywords and bank these over time. In essence, the longer a business utilises SEO lead generation services, the more beneficial it will be for their business. The result of this accumulation of rankings only serves to effectively spread the reach of their business. Expect Best has witnessed first-hand the large increase in the number of enquiries our clients have seen over a sustained period. Whilst the initial number of enquiries might be low in comparison, what results is a much lower cost per enquiry rate. This is one of the key measurements to look out for when conducting and evaluating the effectiveness of lead generation in general.

How SEO Lead Generation Services Work

Widen your reach and locate keywords that have a higher search threshold.

To effectively engage in SEO lead generation services, you first need to know the keywords you want to target. More importantly, this should spring from what you have to offer your customers. Therefore, when formulating any relevant keywords, you should list the “seed” keywords. These are central to what your business specialises in and are used to identify other more relevant keywords – ones you might not have even considered. This tactic widens your reach and helps locate keywords that have a higher search threshold. Using the appropriate software, you can see the number of searches a month on a platform like Google. For example, if we know there are 1,200 searches a month for “Web Build London” but 2,000 for “Web Design London”, it might be best to opt for the latter. We can always reconvene and follow up on the former search at a later date. However, this software might also list how competitive a keyword is. In our experience, we have found that the best combination is a relevant keyword with a high search volume and lower competition. For example, “Web Design London” might well have more views but a much higher competition rate than “Web Build London”. Therefore, “Web Build London” would actually be the better pick for the time being. SEO lead generations services help identify opportunities and the potential that a keyword contains. This helps isolate and decide which of the keywords should be part of your SEO campaign.
SEO Lead Generation Services

Keyword reports are a great indictor of whether a keyword will contribute to leads.

When it comes to SEO lead generation services, we know that people tend to refrain from looking past page one of Google. Therefore, we know that positions one and ten would feature on page one. Reports that show positions are a great indicator of whether a keyword will contribute to website visitors and leads. However, another thing to consider is the likeliness that someone uses a keyword with the intention of buying something. If the keyword appears to be a phrase that indicates someone is not likely to enquire, then the use of that phrase could simply be a waste of time. For example, someone browsing Google has searched “how to do SEO” rather than “SEO company”. The second phrase gives a much clearer indication that they are looking to pay for SEO services rather than researching how to do it themselves.
SEO Lead Generation Services

Measurement is the key to assessing the success of your campaign’s conversion rates.

Despite a user reaching your website, SEO lead generation services are not yet complete. This is because they remain a visitor who has not yet been converted into a lead. To achieve this, the conversion process involves assessing how best to prompt someone into enquiring. This includes reasoning whether the offer captivates the visitor and if they might complete an enquiry form. For example, if the form features ten questions, the likelihood of the visitor completing it would be little to none. This is simply because the visitor might assume it would take up too much of their time, resulting in the loss of a lead. To avoid this, an experienced SEO lead generation services agency is on hand to detail the conversion process with you. This ensures that adequate measures are put in place for converting the visitor into a lead. For example, split testing is a good way of measuring your most successful landing pages. This way, you can then prioritise the most effective avenues. Either way, measurement is key to assessing the success of the SEO lead generation services conversion rates.

What Are SEO Lead Generation Services

SEO is considered too time-consuming and complex to be completed in-house.

In short, SEO lead generation services acquire enquiries for a business by getting web pages ranked on Google. When it comes to lead generation, there is a distinction in that the listing must be organic for the lead to be considered an SEO lead. The visitor will use a search query and click through to a website that offers a particular service. When they express genuine interest and enquire, it would only then be considered an SEO lead. Companies that help other businesses with this process provide SEO lead generation services. Businesses will quite often hire an agency to help them with SEO due to their specialised field of expertise. This is because SEO is considered to be too complex to be completed in-house. Therefore, an external agency is sometimes required. SEO might also be considered to be a far too time-consuming task for an employee who already has a full-time role within the business. Therefore an SEO agency is an ideal choice for managing your SEO lead generation services.

How Much Are SEO Lead Generation Services?

The more competitive the keyword, the more resources it takes.

The cost of SEO lead generation services depends on the keywords a business intends to target. There can be plenty of reasons for an escalation in cost, but the most obvious is the competitiveness attached to a particular keyword. By this, we refer to the number of competing businesses that are also targeting the same keyword with similar content and intentions. The more competitive the keyword, the more resources it will take for a business to successfully claim and maintain said keyword. However, the most significant resource here is time. Time will ultimately increase the cost, and an SEO campaign is wholly dependent on longevity. Therefore, the first step to assessing costs is determined by looking at the keywords the business wants to target. From here, they should then assess how much time they are willing to spend in targeting that particular keyword.

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Experience a steady stream of enquiries for your business.

Are you looking to improve your brand recognition online and want to be seen in more searches? If so, Expect Best offers SEO lead generation services that fulfil just that. We have years of experience in lead generation and have numerous clients generating a larger number of leads exclusively via SEO. This is what gives them the edge over their competition – a steady stream of enquiries that feeds into their CRM. From here, as long as their salespeople service them correctly, their leads can be converted into a customer. Also, our clients have informed us that SEO leads generate far less in the way of time wasters and spam messages than other channels. Meaning SEO gives them a far greater quality of lead generation for their business going forward. If you would like to experience it for yourself, speak to one of our dedicated team members today.

SEO Lead Generation Services