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Expect The Best From Us – SEO Services In Dorset

At Expect Best we can produce a very good SEO campaign for your business’s website.

Why should you do SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation; this means that the work we do on your website will help to move the position of your website on the search result pages. The reason why you should allow our team to do this work on your website is that it will direct more traffic to your site and this can then help you to sell more of what you offer. This can help to grow your business and increase your customer base.

How will our team complete the work? – SEO Services In Dorset

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We will first do some research on your website to discover the correct keywords to target based on the services you offer and the competition of the keywords. This is an important step in the campaign as you don’t want to try and get ranked for a keyword that has a big competition behind it as this can take a long time to see any results. Ideally, you want to build up with some smaller keywords before you target largely searched ones. With the keywords, you are more than welcome to suggest any of your own that you think your business would benefit from. Our team can then add the keywords you suggest to the campaign and target them when suitable.

The next step is to take the content already on your website and optimise it to the best it can be. This will help to give the website a good boost at the start of the campaign as Google will see an improvement; They will most likely reward your website for this with positive rankings. After all of the content already on the site is optimised, we will then start to create our own content. These will be well written optimised pages that are specifically made for the keywords we are targeting. We will make sure that the written content on these pages is in accordance with what you have written on your services or product pages. This way when people click onto these pages it doesn’t look like something completely different to what is on all of your other pages.

SEO Services In Dorset

We will also build a backlink profile; this will also help your keyword rankings. A backlink that points to your website is a signal to search engines that someone else vouches for your content and specifically the page that it links to. Search engines like Google can use this data to adjust their rankings.

What does Google look out for? Google scores each of your pages on your website; This is what will determine where you rank on Google’s search result pages. The algorithm is used to sort through thousands of pages to find the ones with the most relevant and useful information. The algorithm will also look for pages with good useability; Which means that the webpage should be functional and readable not only on desktop but on mobile as well.

If you are based in the Dorset area, we will be able to schedule a meeting with you. This can be in person, over the phone or on a video call. If your business isn’t based in Dorset not to worry, we will still be able to have a meeting with you over the phone or on a video call. The only disadvantage is you won’t be able to meet our team in person. We can’t wait to show you are SEO Services In Dorset.



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