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Setup VPN

If you are looking to setup a VPN for your business we would recommend using one that is not restricted. There are many VPN suppliers out there but finding one that suits your needs isn’t always easy. How do you know which VPN’s are good value for money?

We have done research into a few VPN providers and have found that Nord VPN seems to be one of the best options. It allows you to connect up to 6 devices for a single account, and has no download limits, plus great software for your desktop, laptop and mobile devices. They also currently have an offer available which gives you a discount on 2 year plans (which is the one we took advantage of).

Click here to visit their website to learn more.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network and gives a layer of security to your internet setup that might actually be extremely useful. VPN allows you to connect to the internet using a secure encrypted tunnel. *what does that mean* – This means your data is being sent in an encrypted format to the VPN server. It means that nobody can read the content of your data, and it also means that you are safe to connect to wifi in places like airports, because the data is encrypted between the VPN server and the device you are using, stopping spammers from scraping your email if it goes through an insecure network. You may trust your ISP but they also collect information about your internet usage and some businesses might prefer this to not be the case, so they can use a VPN to prevent their ISP from collecting data about their internet usage.

We would recommend that to protect the interests of your data (which of course you are responsible for as a business) and the safety of your staff when browsing online that a VPN is a great solution.

How much does it cost?

VPN is surprisingly inexpensive for what you get. We bought a package from NordVPN for around $60 for two years. On six devices! This gives us a huge benefit with security and also allows us to retain privacy online.

How to setup a VPN

If you head on over to NordVPN they have easy to use software you can download to setup a VPN, it is as easy as that, just running the software from your computer will have you setup within minutes.


Written byAlex Dibben

Alex Dibben

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