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Get your online store up and running with our comprehensive Shopify setup solutions.

Shopify Setup

Shopify setup is key to unlocking your eCommerce potential

Transform your online store from a stagnant digital platform into a thriving eCommerce hub with our expert Shopify setup.

When launching an online business, there are many things to consider, but none are as crucial as your Shopify setup. It’s no exaggeration to say that a smoothly optimised Shopify store can be the foundation of your eCommerce success. Yes, there are other web builders out there. However, like a well-built house needs a strong foundation to withstand the elements, your online store needs a solid Shopify setup. Otherwise, how else can it hope to weather the competitive world of eCommerce? Think of your Shopify setup as the beating heart of your online store. It’s not just responsible for delivering an exceptional customer experience. It also has to keep those same shoppers coming back for more. Without a robust Shopify setup, your business risks losing customers to various faults. Think of slow load times, confusing navigation, and lacking essential features. But what exactly does a successful Shopify setup entail? It’s more than just selecting a theme and adding some products. A truly optimised Shopify store requires many things. Think expert configuration of payment gateways, shipping, taxes, and other essential components. It also needs customised design and branding to differentiate your business from the competition. When done right, a well-optimised Shopify setup can have a transformative effect on your online business. It can help you increase sales, boost customer satisfaction, and build a solid online brand. It can be a real asset that allows you to resonate with your target audience. A great Shopify setup also empowers you with a bounty of tools and features. How to streamline your business operations, reduce costs, and optimise your marketing efforts. In short, your Shopify setup is the foundation of your online business. Like a sturdy foundation supports a building, a smooth Shopify setup supports your e-commerce success. By investing in expert Shopify setup services, you can ensure two things. One that your online store is built to last, and two, that it’s designed to thrive in the competitive world of eCommerce. So why wait?

Unlock your eCommerce potential today with a top-notch Shopify setup that sets your business up for success!

Essential steps to a flawless Shopify setup

Achieve eCommerce greatness with our proven process for setting up your Shopify store for success.


  1. Configuring Payment Gateways
    Want a seamless payment process? If so, configure payment gateways that integrate with your payment processor of choice. We’ll set up payment gateways trusted by customers and merchants alike, including Stripe, PayPal, and Apple Pay.
  2. Setting Up Shipping
    Delight your customers with fast, reliable shipping options that fit your business needs. We’ll help you set up shipping zones, rates, and carriers that ensure your products get to your customers on time and in perfect condition.
  3. Designing a Customised Storefront
    Set your business apart from the competition with a customised storefront that reflects your brand and products. We’ll help you design a visually appealing storefront that’s easy to navigate and optimised for sales.
  4. Integrating Marketing Tools
    Maximise your visibility and reach with tools that integrate seamlessly with your Shopify store. We’ll help you set up essential marketing tools. Consider email campaigns, social media integration, and search engine optimisation.
  5. Ongoing Support and Optimisation
    Ensure your Shopify store always runs at its best with ongoing support and optimisation. We’ll provide regular updates, training, and support. This way, we can ensure that your Shopify store continues to drive traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction over the long term.

Our proven process for perfecting your Shopify setup

Discover how our Shopify setup services can transform your online store and propel your business to the next level.

At Expect Best, every successful eCommerce business starts with a solid setup, and Shopify is no different. That’s why we’ve developed a comprehensive process to ensure that your online store is optimised for success from day one.

Our Shopify setup process starts with a deep understanding of your . . .

⬛ | Business goals
⬛ | Target audience
⬛ | And industry trends

To help showcase your brand and products in the best possible light, we then work closely with you to . . .

⬛ | Configure payment gateways
⬛ | Set up shipping and taxes
⬛ | And design a customised storefront

But we don’t stop there. To help you reach your target audience and maximise your sales potential, our Shopify setup experts also use marketing tools such as . . .

⬛ | Email campaigns
⬛ | Social media integration
⬛ | And search engine optimisation

At every step of the way; we prioritise clear communication and collaboration. This way, we can ensure that your Shopify setup reflects your business vision and goals. And because we know that every business is unique, we offer flexible packages that can be tailored to your specific needs and budget.

But what sets our Shopify setup services apart is our focus on ongoing support and optimisation. We don’t just set up your Shopify store and leave you to figure it out independently. Instead, we offer continuing support and training to ensure you have the tools to manage your store effectively and efficiently.

With Expect Best on your side, you can be confident that your Shopify setup is in expert hands. We’ll work tirelessly to perfect your online store, so you can focus on what you do best — growing your business and delighting your customers. So why settle for a mediocre Shopify setup when you can have the best?

Contact us today to learn more about our Shopify setup services and take the first step towards eCommerce success.

Benefits of partnering with Expect Best for your Shopify setup

Discover how working with our team can help you achieve a flawless Shopify setup.


  1. Tailored Packages to Meet Your Needs
    We offer flexible packages tailored to your needs and budget. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, we have a Shopify setup solution perfect for you.
  2. Comprehensive Process for Perfecting Your Store
    Our proven process ensures that your Shopify store is optimised for success from day one. We work closely with you to design and configure a store that reflects your brand. We can set up a store that showcases your products and creates a seamless customer shopping experience.
  3. Expert Configuration of Essential Components
    We handle all the essential components of your Shopify setup. We’ll configure payment gateways, set up shipping and taxes, integrate marketing tools, and more. This ensures your Shopify store is fully optimised for sales and customer satisfaction.
  4. Ongoing Support and Training
    We don’t just set up your Shopify store and leave you to figure it out independently. We provide ongoing support and training. This way, we can ensure you have the tools and knowledge to manage your online store effectively and efficiently.
  5. Results-Driven Approach
    At Expect Best, we’re focused on delivering results for your business. We track and analyse your Shopify store’s performance. This way, we can ensure that it’s driving traffic, sales, and customer satisfaction. And if we identify any areas for improvement, we’ll work with you to make the necessary changes.

Unleash your eCommerce potential with our Shopify setup services

Our Shopify setup services can transform your online business, drive more sales, and delight customers.

As a business owner, you know that success in eCommerce requires more than just a great product or service. It takes a seamless online shopping experience that . . .

⬛ | Delights customers
⬛ | Drives traffic
⬛ | And boosts sales

And that’s precisely what our Shopify setup services can do for you. By partnering with Expect Best, you’ll get a Shopify store optimised for success from the ground up. To keep your customers coming back for more, our expert team will work with you to design and configure a store that . . .

⬛ | Reflects your brand
⬛ | Showcases your products
⬛ | And creates a seamless shopping experience

But the benefits of our Shopify setup services don’t stop there. By optimising your online store, we can also help you . . .

⬛ | Drive more traffic and sales
⬛ | Reduce cart abandonment rates
⬛ | And increase customer satisfaction

You can be confident that your Shopify store is working hard for you 24/7 because we integrate essential marketing tools such as . . .

⬛ | Email campaigns
⬛ | Social media integration
⬛ | And search engine optimisation

But don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what some of our satisfied clients have to say about the impact of our Shopify setup services . . .

“I have worked with Expect Best for a number of years and I can honestly say they are awesome. They are patient with those less tech-savvy but the quality of their work is excellent. Creating a new website is stressful but they were so accommodating- I am very grateful, thank you!”
— Tyne Williams

“I approached Alex from Expect Best to give me a quote to design our new website for us a few weeks ago now. I totally expected his quote to be out of our price range but to my surprise it was very reasonable indeed. The project to design our new site started very soon after we accepted the quote and is not complete :-). These guys are absolutely fantastic at what they do, very friendly, very professional and their communication is second to none. I cannot recommend these guys highly enough, if you are looking to get a new website designed or need any help with you social media marketing, give these guys a call today. TOP NOTCH”
— Matt Goodrum

“What a fantastic team. They have been amazing I can’t explain how helpful they have been to me in setting up my website and booking sheets. I was fortunate enough to work with different members of the team and if I ever had a problem one of them got back to me asap. What a fantastic company and great bunch of people. Thank you for everything.”
— Kevin Hubble

At Expect Best, we’re passionate about helping businesses like yours unlock eCommerce potential. So why wait? Contact us today to learn how our Shopify setup services can transform your online business and help you achieve lasting success.