Social Media Agency – Is Your Website Working Against Your Marketing?

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Social Media Agency – Is Your Website Working With Your Marketing?

If you’re the in the marketing department of your business and you are responsible for the companies website, I would have a guess that currently, you are having some problems with it. Some people do everything right, but for one reason or another, their website is the last remaining block that is stopping them from drawing in more customers. So what can you do to your website, when it is not performing to it’s fullest?

Poor Messaging

Most designers won’t tell you this but bad messaging and communication will kill off a website much faster than a bad design. Being a social media agency we have seen this countless times. We design and build a website for a company and then they don’t invest in SEO or a way of connecting with the customer. This is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It’s like buying a car without an engine. You just wouldn’t do it. Another big factor in failing websites is the consistency of the messages. Many companies manage to get traffic to the website but the message they are sending to get them to the website isn’t the same as the one that is on the site. This can cause confusion and potentially stop the consumer from buying your product. Nearly all potential customers don’t care about what your business has to offer, they want a solution to their problem. So the best way to connect with the customer is to turn the conversation around to the specific benefits that you will have to them and how you will solve the problem.

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The right message at the right time

A well-written page on your website should take the user on a story and guide them to the right information exactly when they need it in order to make a decision. There are a few ways to do this the right, this frame works in almost every case;

Begin with the problem: Start by addressing the problem, showing that you understand what process the user is going through.

Agitate: Examin the problem closer and make them feel the problem. What are the symptoms and how does it impact them.

Solution: Now you come in as the saviour and give them the solution to the problem. Try and keep it focused on the benefits rather than the features.

Testimonials: The best way to get a good response from the customer is to put in real life examples of people who have used your product or service. This shows that your company is not only good but it is also been used a number of times.

Mobile Optimisation – Social Media Agency

Almost all internet users are aware of the rising use of mobiles when it comes to internet traffic. For B2C based companies, the number can be a lot higher. So one of the worst things you can do to your business is to direct potential customers from your social media or other sources to a poorly optimised site ( for both mobile and other devices). This can create doubt in the customer’s mind and this may result in them choosing another company instead of your own. When we talk about optimisation, we are not just talking about having a responsive design and website in place. We are talking about having page loading speeds down to a minimum, Mobile specific conversion flow set up and the general user experience.

Page Loading speeds: Large image files and videos can cause loading speeds on both mobile and desktop websites and poor loading speeds never helps when obtaining customers and can increase bounce rates by a huge amount.

Mobile Conversion Flow: Ensuring that when potential customers come to your site it is easy to navigate and that there is a call to action close by so that consumers don’t have to struggle to buy your services or products.

General User Experience:  There needs to be a difference between how your site is set out on desktop to mobile. This is because people browse mobiles differently. You need to make use of horizontal swiping, reduce vertical scrolling and have more intuitive menus.

Lost Traffic – Social Media Agency

Statistics show that only around 15% of potential customers that are online are ‘ready to buy’. This is why playing a longer game is so essential. You want to help the customer make the decision, this can be done through giving them a solution to a problem that they have. To solve this there are a number of different methods you can pursue. One of these methods is to install a Facebook tracking pixel on your site. This allows you to track facebook ads. Being able to track who has seen your ads is key to following up on them. The next solution is to build a mailing list so you can send regular updates to potenical customers. You can do this through setting up a CTA thats role is to capture simple information such as emails and names. You may have seen examples of this on sites such as Topshop. They offer their customers discount in order to take their emails and some other little bits of information. This is a great way to obtain vital information that you wouldn’t be able to get by just asking.

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