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Knowing why you want to target special finance leads is one thing. Knowing how is something else entirely.

Special Finance Leads


Focus on keywords in your sector.

If you work in a specialist finance sector then you know the importance of targeting leads. Especially ones that genuinely cater to your products and services. However, due to the number of sectors within finance, there is going to be a much wider range of audiences to target. Therefore, it might be worth focusing on keywords in a specific sector that you operate within so that you can tailor your offered solution. For example, if you are a financial advisor who sells mortgages, it might be a good idea to hone in on something like buy to let mortgages. With that said, there’s a lot more to it than that.

Want to know what? Find out below.

How we target special finance leads

Knowing why you want to target special finance leads is one thing. Knowing how is something else entirely.

To explain, why don’t we focus on Google. Google operates much the same way that any business does. Customers appreciate it for the services it offers them. As the worlds most widely used search engine, Google owes it to its users that they receive the most optimised content available. After all, in Google’s eyes, its users are its customers. So, what if Google sees that your website provides high-quality content that answers its customer’s queries? Then you’re in luck. Google will then be more likely to display your website on the first few pages of its searches – giving you healthy exposure. On the other hand, unless you have relevant content that is useful to their customers then they simply won’t rank you. Which is when you miss out on valuable special finance leads.

So, with what you now know, how can you use this to your advantage?

Let’s use the mortgage company as an example again. With an effective seo campaign in place, you can dramatically improve your position. We would need to ensure that there is enough carefully crafted content dedicated to every single thing your business has to offer. Without this, google will simply select and display content from a competitor’s website. It’s not personal, they simply assess whether the competitor will give their customers a better experience.

With all this in mind, there are some hefty pitfalls to inefficiently championed SEO.

You can spend a lot of time creating content that might never get seen or on content that google might consider to be spam. In this regard, you will need to be selective with the ways in which you approach the campaign so that you don’t waste time. Otherwise, your content might be removed for trying to cheat the system. So how do we get around this? By working on specialist phrases we can target specialist finance leads. This way, we can improve the overall experience for everyone — you, your sales team and your customers too.

What are special finance leads?

Have your customers come to you with SEO.

For those of you who are still unsure of what special finance leads are, we need to think about the idea of what a lead is. A lead is someone who expresses an interest in further contact. This would allow you to establish a relationship and ideally sell some of the services your business has to offer. Whilst some companies focus on the sheer quantity of leads they can offer, we focus on the quality. By focusing on the quality of special finance leads your business is more likely to capitalise on a worthwhile engagement. After all, there’s little need for a list of outdated prospective customers if the vast majority are uninterested in your services.

By employing tools like SEO, the clients search for your service and come to you — rather than the other way around.

Cost of special finance leads

Can you afford NOT to use SEO?

The cost of each special finance lead all depends on the number of competitors vying for its attention. As a business, we want to keep the cost per lead down for our customers. To achieve this, we first target the leads that have less competition. However, we always make sure that they exhibit good relevance to the services you are selling. Once undertaken, if the number of leads becomes a priority then we can increase our efforts into the more competitive areas.

However, by starting with the most cost-effective areas then we are only spending money when we need to.

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