Stop Trying to Do Everything: How to Be More Productive

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Published by: Alex Dibben

Is your average work day a study in chaos? Would you give anything to have more time available for your clients?

The average person receives more than 100 emails per day, about half of which is spam. Once you’ve sorted your email, you could still be facing hours of reply time.

If you’re sagging under the weight of your workload, this article’s for you. We’ll teach you how to be more productive at work and we’ll help you get started with outsourcing some critical tasks.

Outsource, Outsource, Outsource!

The first step toward being productive at work is knowing when you’ve had enough. If you’re a small business owner, you may be used to doing it all yourself.

Customer service, product shipping, vendor relations: these are all tasks which can be outsourced. You can also outsource your web design, blogging and SEO tasks, and your app design and development.

Outsourcing is a great idea because you don’t have to hire full-time, in-house employees: just find a local company that is responsive to your business needs.

Take a minute to think about how much more productive you’d be if you had ten hours more per week?

Eliminate Workplace Distractions

Another way to be productive at work is to audit your distractions. Over the course of one day, what are your most common workplace distractions?

Talking to co-workers is an essential part of any job, but spending too much time chatting can cut into your working hours. Half an hour here, twenty minutes there: you might be losing more than two hours every week via off-topic conversations.

One solution might be to meet with your co-workers outside of work once every few weeks. That way, everyone can catch up and still be productive on the job.

Bring in Some Greenery

One of the more unlikely tips to be more productive at work is to introduce plants into the workplace. Multiple studies have shown that having greenery at work reduces stress, anger, and fatigue.

If you’re a creative professional, your productivity depends on your being able to focus for long periods of time. Having plants around helps you relax and limbers up your mind so you can apply yourself fully to your work.

Having plants in the office can also help you eliminate dust and bacteria from your workspace.

How to Be More Productive at Home

If you’re wondering how to be more productive at work, you might want to investigate your productivity at home. Are you meeting your exercise and diet goals? Do you turn off your electronic devices at night?

You don’t have to exercise every day to be productive, but stretching your body could have a positive impact on your creativity. Taking care to eat the right foods will help you have more energy at work.

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Written byAlex Dibben

Alex Dibben

Alex Dibben, holds a degree in Software Development and Business from the University of Portsmouth. He serves as the Director of Expect Best Ltd and has 20+ years experience in Web Design & Digital Marketing. Expect Best Ltd expertly manages more than 400+ client accounts, showcasing their proficiency in Digital Marketing & Web Design. Visit Linkedin Profile


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