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Video Production Agency

Video is becoming a very important piece of content that a lot of companies are using to engage their audience. The consumption of video content by online users is increasing every year there is no better way of delivering a message or showing off a product of yours in a fun way that is more likely to get you results. We have a team that can come to you and film any type of video you need us to do. We have all the professional equipment needed to film a professional video for you, from tripods for a standstill shot which can be used in explainer videos to gimbals for smooth moving shots which can be used to show off a certain product. We have had a lot of experience in doing this for many of our clients from car showrooms to catering businesses, no matter what industry you are in we are able to convey your brand in the most effective ways and tell your unique story. Our team can also edit these videos for you, they will make sure that all of the videos fit the style you want them to be. Our team can edit the videos to be quickly moving between a load of frames and camera angles for an upbeat video or we can make it more professional by having a longer gap between switching camera angles or scenes. We can also make sure that the audio on the video is good enough by adjusting the levels to make sure the audio isn’t too loud or too quiet.

360 Video and Photos

360 can give people a more in-depth look at your company or business. People can take a look around your offices or workplace before coming down to see you. This can be used for virtual tours that can really give people a great idea of your workplace and can wander around. The tour will also engage your audience and may even attract more people to enquire for your services as it can make you look more professional. We can also film a 360-degree time-lapse video which can give people an idea of how busy your business gets during the day; this is ideal for shop-based businesses that can host a lot of people. We have had a few clients that have taken full advantage of our 360 cameras and have used the content to put onto their website and use on social media to attract a bigger audience.


Animated videos are a great way to tell people about your business and what you offer to people. These can be used to explain a product or tell a story for your marketing purposes. Animation videos are very engaging as they are easy to watch and we can make these videos as long as you need them to be to get your message across. They can be posted on social media and other platforms like your website to engage your audience. When we make these videos for you, we will create a storyboard for the animation, understanding your content and what you would like to promote. To ensure we are creating the right content for your animation video. In the next step, our designer will make sure that the content and characters in your scenes look good and that you are happy with everything and are comfortable for us to continue to the next step. We will then animate the content using high quality and smooth animation editor to ensure the best quality possible for you. Our animator will be able to talk to you about transitions and certain animations in the video this will ensure the best possible outcome for your product. Once the animation is almost completed, we will check back in with you to improve the video even further with additional small changes and even the possibility of subtitles. After that has been done, we can host the video on our commercial Vimeo account, this way you will be able to share the video with no ads attached to it. We will give you a download link so at any time you can share the video on your social media or website at any time.

Video Production Agency Animation

3D Rendering

You can make your product stand out with a really good-looking rendered animation that will blow your audience away. There is no better way to impress your target audience than with the latest 3D modelling techniques. We can create the visual assets you need to stand out above the crowd and make your business one remember. The process we follow is firstly gaining all of the necessary information, drawings floor plans and anything else we should have. Then we will check up on all of the information that you have given us and then we will contact you if we are in need of any other information to avoid any confusion and misconceptions. We will then make a drafted version of the 3D render for your review and then we can make some adjustments according to what you need. Once all of those changes have been made, we can send it to you for your approval. Once you are happy with everything, we can do a full render to which will include lighting, reflections and object material in a full HD video.

Other services: With all of these different types of videos and animations you can take full advantage of them on your social media and other platforms. We can help you with this by running campaigns on your Facebook, or other social media. With Facebook, you can upload your 360 photos which will attract more people to your page as they will be interested in what you can do for them.

Video Production Agency 3d models