Web Design Birmingham – 3 Simple Tips To Creating Killer Social Media Ads

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Web Design Birmingham – 4 Simple Tips To Creating Killer Social Media Ads

Fed up with losing money on social media ads and not seeing results? Many companies take a swing at a new ad campaign in hopes that this will be the one that earns them the big payout. They test and test different methods but nothing seems to be working. This may seem unfair, however, they may be leaving out a few key things that are costing their campaigns to fail. Our web design Birmingham company are here to explain a few ways to fix all of this.

What are you offering?

The first piece of information that hits the consumers is the image and what offers you have on. This is a great way to get customers from another company to change to yours.  Offering discount for transfering from one company to another, most companies have got this part down, however they struggle with keeping the customers after the have got them in. This can be due to many different factors, such as quality or the cost after the first discount. Another factor is the message behind the offer. A great example of this is the Facebook ad below. It brings emotion into the purchase and that can play a huge part in consumer spending habbits.web design birmingham

Traking sales

Having a high amount of clicks and social enagament are important however, you need to ensure that you are making money and not get drawn into the good numbers that the tracking is showing. You might asking what I am talking about. When you start a Facebook campaign many people focus just on the click through rate and then after they look at the sales Many businesses then see that the ad is costing them say £20 per purchase and they are selling the product for £30. They then think that they are making £10 profit however, they haven’t taken into account the other overheads and deilivery cost. This can cause many businesses to go into liquidation and fail, this leads me to my point. Sales. Come. First.

Add landing pages to accompany the ads

Connecting Facebook ads to your website isn’t always the best idea and the reason behind this is that. You want to tell your potencial customers about your product before you ask them to buy the prodcut or service. Landing pages are also great becuase Facebook ads aren’t always cheap. You’re going to spend all this money and you want something to back it up. Each click counts. Simply sending the potencial customer to the homepage of your website isn’t enough. Try to custom tailor their experience is always a great way to tempted them in to buying your products.If you need anymore information on our web design Birmingham, then please give us a call on 01202 237027.

Striking images

Having a good image is always a bonus for attracting customers in. studies show that over 70% of people in the UK repsond more positively to image and video based ads compeared to text based ones. This means that changing the ways that we are marketing to our customers is vital. We can also see this in Facebook’s case. They have moved from having text based posts mainly, to now nearly all videos. This has allowed for more viral videos and other techniques of marketing to come into play. If you are wanting more information on Facebook and other social media management then please give us a call on 01202 237027 and one of our friendly team will be happy to help in anyway that they can.

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Alex Dibben

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