Web Design Bristol – Improving Your Website Design

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Web Design Bristol – Improving Your Website Design

Web design is always tricky and even harder to master. You have to juggle between designing for the customer and for the search engines, there are many different ways to make this process easier for both you and search engines. Not everything is going to work for every type of business, we are here to give you a simple guide to a few points that may help your business.

Always design Responsive

60% of all website traffic is through mobiles and this is even more prominent on B2C websites as mobile shopping is becoming the new trend. The number is always increasing, so making your website mobile friendly has never been so important. This point also plays into the factor of making designs simplistic. You don’t want your customers having to strain to find information, so keeping whitespace and easy to navigate pages is key to keeping everyone happy. Our web design Bristol Company has found that designs that have small amounts of text and big clear imagery tend to get the information across a lot easier.

Landing Pages – Web Design Bristol

When some people build their websites, they tend to spend a large amount of time just focusing on just the home page. While this is important, it is not the only factor that will make your website great. You need to spend time making every page into a ‘landing page’, every page should push the potential customer down the sales funnel and get them one step closer to buying your products.

Navigation – Web Design Bristol

Many designers have tried and failed to break the mould when trying to change the way we navigate sites. Companies don’t want to send their customers on a wild goose chase, Solid site navigation also helps with other bits such as search engines indexing. Here are some examples that might help you when designing your site:

Linking your logo to your homepage: It’s now a common practice that your potential customers are used to. It saves them time and it simple to put in place.

Keeping the important bits in your footer: When users are scrolling through the site, the footer is probably the last bit of information that they come to. This needs to include important links and maybe even a shortened menu so people don’t have to scroll back up. It’s the simple things that make a big difference to the customer. For more information please contact our web design Bristol company on 01202 237027 and we will be happy to help in any way that we can.

Constant Updating – Web Design Bristol

To keep up with the ever-changing online market you need to ensure that you are updating your website daily or weekly. We have seen many businesses not invest each month into updates for their website and then they miss things like mother’s day because they haven’t thought about it a month in advance and things like this can be vital to keeping the business afloat. Again for more information please get in contact with us via phone or by emails. Our web design Bristol Company will be happy to help in any way that we can.


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Alex Dibben

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