Web Design Dorset – Beginners Tips For WordPress

There are many different blogs out there that tell you the different ‘hacks’ and how they can give you the secret to increasing your search engine rankings. Our web design Dorset based company is here to give you some small but effective tips for increasing the traffic that you are getting to your website. Beginners who try or implement these helpful tips early on will set themselves up for success and may even see results such as SEO rankings faster.

What is SEO? Where to start.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation. It is the process of improving your websites search engines rankings or the volume/traffic that is coming to your website. The theory behind SEO is that the higher ranking your website is, the more people will see it and hopefully click on the site. The reasoning behind this is that statistics show that 80% of people don’t go past the second page of search results. Meaning if your website isn’t on the first page or two, people aren’t going to be clicking on your website and in turn resulting in fewer people coming to the site. Don’t Fear. Our web design Dorset based company is here to give you some useful tips on how to improve your rankings.

Optimising content

Content optimisation can be done multiple different ways, however, they are usually only effective when put together ( combination of both high quality and unique content). In an ideal world, the text contains keywords that you are trying to target. The content should also be understandable and readable, a great way to keep track of both the optimisation and the readability of your website is to use Yoast SEO. This is an SEO plugin for WordPress sites and the best part. It’s free! If you need any information on SEO or how to optimise content then please give our web design Dorset based company a call and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can!

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Backlinks are king

Backlinks are one of the most important factors that affect rankings and when attracting traffic to your site’s pages. You might be asking yourself, what actually are backlinks?  Well, our web design Dorset based company are here to explain exactly that. Backlinks are links that connect back to your site or page that you made. The better the quality of the site the better the backlink will be for ranking purposes. For example if the BBC linked to your page you would have a higher chance of ranking better.

Catchy image file names

Google has some amazing features and one of those is that it draws images from you site and this then plays a part in organic ranking. Google displays and pulls through both images and text in its results, so ensuring that you file names and the same as the keyword that you selected is very important. In addtion to this for SEO purposes alt tags need have your keyword entered into them. Again if you have WordPress and Yoast is installed it will instruct you on which bits to amend and fix. If you do struggle or have problems with any of this please do give our web design dorset company a call and we will be happy to help you in any way that we can.

Black hat techniques

These are always a bad idea. They never work. Our company has seen many different people try to trick the system and specifically try to trick Google. Google always finds out and always punishes your rankings. Recently there have been high profile companies and websites that have been hit for such practices. Being sneaky will do more harm than good. Another sin of Google is to use flash (adobe flash player). Flash is almost invisabile to search engines. They can also sometimes not show on some search engines. This means that users have to right click on the flash player and allow it. This both hurts the user experience and the general feel to the site. Looking for help regarding web development or digital marketing? Contact our web design Dorset company for more information.


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