Coaching Canines

Coaching you to coach them

Coaching Canines provide practical coaching for you and your puppy in an enjoyable and force-free way. With effective training sessions tailored to all your puppy’s needs, they’re with you every (paw) step of the way. In hiring Debbie, you can expect ongoing email and phone support, as well as access to her private client’s Facebook group. If this sounds like the kind of puppy training you’ve been looking for, get in touch – she’d love to help!

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Most dog owners want their puppy to grow into a dog who’s a pleasure to involve in all sorts of activities. That’s why @debbiescoachingcanines helps puppies transition into loving, loyal and well-mannered family members. Yet, despite knowing all things doggy, Debbie didn’t have a dickybird about launching a website. Despite this, Debbie knew her clients expected the best accessibility. That’s why she opted to outsource her web development needs.

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Choosing the right web development team is critical for the success of your business venture. YOUR success hinges on hiring the right people for the right job at the right time. The right professionals provide optimal solutions on an optimal budget. Plus, through us, Debbie also benefitted from adjustments to scope and requirements during all stages of her project. This left Debbie with a rather fetching website – if we do say so ourselves!

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