The business logo is your first impression with potential customers. That is why it’s important to make a good first impression with an impressive logo.

Designing the perfect logo can be a daunting task if you don’t know where to start.

Here are the types of logos that best represent your business.

Emblems are Types of Logos

When you think of a traditional logo, you might be thinking of an emblem logo. Emblem logos normally are in the shape of a circle with the text and other graphics on the inside of the circle.

An emblem gives the impression of a vintage seal or a badge. This type of logo works well for professionals who work in businesses that often have a level of prestige like attorneys.

Emblems work well on print media, especially on business cards and letterheads for official paperwork. Keep in mind that the circle shape doesn’t always translate well online because of the amount of information the small shape.

You can always make a different version of an emblem logo by using some of the elements in a more linear fashion.

Combination Logos

Many businesses and brands choose to use a combination of both words and symbols to create a combination logo.

The reason for the popularity of the combination logo is because of the fact that you can use just the words, the symbol, or both together whenever you need.

There are no rules with this type of logo. You can choose how to incorporate the symbol into the words to create your perfect logo.

There are ways that the graphic designer can put the symbol on top of the logo, next to the logo, or even inside of the text inside of the logo.

Wordmark Logos

If you don’t think that there’s a graphic that would work well to represent your business, consider not using any graphics at all.

A logo without any graphics is a wordmark logo. With this type of logo, you utilize interesting fonts, color, and typography to create a logo by itself.

Sit down and think about the personality of your brand. There are ways that you can incorporate the personality of your brand into neat typography to a unique logo.

Wordmark logos are the best choice if you like a clean look for your brand.

Monograms in Logos

If you are running a business where you are at the center of the operation, like a lawyer or a real estate agent, a monogram logo using your initials could be best for you.

A monogram logo also works well for businesses that have multiple parts to the name to create the monogram. These logos normally fall into a square shape.

You can design the monogram using interesting fonts and typefaces. Some brands even get creative by interlocking the initials together.

Setting Your Brand Apart 

These types of logos will set you apart from your competition. Take some time to sit down with the professionals to translate the personality of your brand into a unique logo design.

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