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WooCommerce Membership Plugin

WooCommerce Membership Plugin

Exclusivity is a great option to explore for your store. Picture elite content that’s only available to customers within your inner circle. It’s not only good for you, as you’ll receive recurring payments, but it’s also good for your customers. How? With our WooCommerce Membership Plugin, we can regulate access to areas of your store. Although it may seem counterintuitive, such limitations can cultivate customer loyalty. In creating a restricted stratosphere of goods, you’re creating a sense of exclusivity. This will entice your key customers and they’ll feel compelled to buy your membership. Plus, if your membership proves so tantalising, it will attract general customers too. If carried out effectively, this can develop customer loyalty as they’ll believe they’re “part of the club”. Better yet, there’s no limit to the number of memberships you can offer your audience. For the sake of this description, let’s say you want a bronze, silver and gold membership.

e.g. Bronze, Access to x1 video, £7.99 per month

e.g. Silver, Access to x2 video, £9.99 per month

e.g. Gold, Full access to all videos, £11.99 per month

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Look outside the box. Consider whether you could get more from your store with exclusive membership access. Our WooCommerce membership plugin is an effective tool just waiting to be tapped into. At Expect Best, our WooCommerce experts are flexible and can achieve this and much more! We’re ready to support you in navigating WooCommerce’s unlimited potential. Get in touch today.

Our WooCommerce membership plugin is completely customisable and allows for easy management. Simply create the reserved content you wish to distribute and our plugin will do it for you. The plugin supports pages, posts, WooCommerce files, videos and more. The restricted area is easy-to-use and will protect your goods. It will only be accessible to you and your paying audience.

Features of our WooCommerce Membership Plugin

Advanced Membership Management – Check the Number of Registered Memberships – Create Limitless Membership Plans – Create Specific Discounts for Subscribers – Customise Displays for Unauthorised Attempts – Edit Memberships – Freely Add New Content – Keep Track of your Content Downloads – Limit Content Access – Protect Your Files – Reward Customers with Early Access – Simplify Communications . . . And more!


WooCommerce Developers who can help

Our WooCommerce developers are based full-time in our UK office and are ready to help you. If you need your online store completing or designing from scratch then we can help.

Quick and effective development process

We can help you quickly and effectively. Our developers know their way around WooCommerce and can easily make the changes needed to complete your project.


Integrate WooCommerce on other services

Some clients need other services integrated with WooCommerce. Whether you need help connecting your WooCommerce site to your accounting or marketing software packages, this is something we can do.

Payment via WooCommerce, Stripe or Paypal

Take payments using a variety of payment processors. Our developers can get them connected to your account and working seamlessly.


Let us modify your current project or start from fresh

If you have a project underway or want to consult us on the design then we can help at any stage. We can design the site and build it for you, or work from your designers concepts.

Full design process available

As well as developers we have designers on hand to work their magic on your WooCommerce store. Getting the site looking just right before build is crucial to the end result of the project.