Web Design

At Expect Best we believe that WordPress is the best content management system there is. If you currently have a website that isn’t WordPress you are doing it wrong. CMSs are the core of any website and choosing the right one at the start will benefit you for the coming years. A lot of people think that WordPress is just a blogging platform when it is not. A lot of people ask why should I create my website on WordPress? The first answer to that question would be because it can be used for anything. And when we say anything, we mean it.

If you want a website to show off your services or sell your products there are many great ways to do this. Another answer to the earlier question is that WordPress is easy to use; You don’t need to learn anything complex to be able to change something on the site or to add a bit of content. This is why we like to use WordPress; It enables our clients to make small changes to the site after we have built it to make sure it stays up to date without having to get us to do it for you.

Unlike many CMSs, WordPress is free, which means it can be set up whenever to start the build. WordPress is SEO friendly and will help to make it better for Google to understand what is on the site without you even noticing. This is because the site is written in high-quality code and produces semantic markup.

Wordpress Developer

How do we create your website?

As a WordPress developer, we use plugins that can be added to your site to enhance the experience, look and feel of the site. As a web company, we don’t use the themes option on WordPress but we can base our design on one of the themes that you like the look of. Once this is all established, we can get our team to start the build of your website and install any plugins you like to make the functionality much better. This can include payment, if your site is an online store, we can add the function of being able to accept online payments. We do this via PayPal, stripe or card methods.

With the plugins, you can get an SEO plugin that will give you guide like pointers to make sure your site is as optimised as possible. If you want SEO work done on your site you can see our SEO service here!

What can we do for you?

When you come to us, we will take the design of your website whether it has been designed by us or someone else and create your site within WordPress that is accurate to the design. We will use appropriate plugins to ensure the site functions in the way that you want it to. We can make your site with all kinds of images and videos integrated into the site. Once we have built the site completely, we will send you a link to review and make sure that everything you want on the website is there and once the whole site is signed off, we can put the site live for you and people can start to use it.

Easy To Use

WordPress is very simple and can be learnt by anyone to change content or add content to a website.


Safe and Secure

WordPress ensures that all websites are secure and safe from hackers or people training to gain access to their site. It also allows you to add additional security measures through plugins.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly straight out of the box, as it writes the site’s code in a way that Google can understand better to rank your site higher.

Cost Efficient

As WordPress is free and lots of plugins are also free the website can be very cost-efficient.


WordPress can be used in many different ways from blogs to online stores and you get to choose exactly what happens on the site.


Robust and Reliable

WordPress will rarely have any bugs or glitches and this will leave your site always fully functional and operating to 100%.