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WordPress Lead Generation

Do you want to increase your leads and sales from your website? Lead generation should be a top priority for all businesses because you want to convert your website visitors into customers.

So, what is lead generation? It is a method used to create consumer interest or inquiry into the products or services of a business. A lot of the time users that go onto your website will never come across it again; So, it is important to capture their interest quickly. You can do this by opening a communication channel between you and the user. This channel could ask the user to like a Facebook page, follow your Twitter account or join your emailing list.

On your website, you can use analytics to improve the content and engage your visitors more. The analytics will show you your most viewed pages and you can spend more time focusing on the pages that most of your users go to. Then you will be more likely to increase your leads and ultimately your sales.

Being interactive is a lead magnet and can really improve your lead generation. Quizzes, Questionnaires and other tools can attract people and is a great opportunity to gain email addresses and other contact details you can use in marketing efforts to convert them into a customer or a returning customer.

WordPress Lead Generation

Who should be doing WordPress lead generation?

It doesn’t matter if your business is small or large if you aren’t doing lead generation you could be missing out on a lot of customers. Lead generation will also help to increase your audience so if you care about that you should be doing lead generation. You should start doing lead generation as soon as possible to help you with gaining leads straightaway.

To get started on WordPress lead generation you will need a WordPress website. If you don’t then you can get in contact with our team about getting one made for you. After you are all set up and ready to go you will want to have contact forms on your website; This will help people that are interested and may want to know more information about your services can ask you.

With WordPress, this can be implemented very easily and our team will be able to help position these contact forms in places where your users will notice them and will fill them out if they are impressed enough with the content on the site. We also know a lot of free form plugins and software you can use on the site.

Appear Online – WordPress Lead Generation

Another great technique to generate more leads is to redirect people upon form submissions to a page that can promote your social media channels and even promotions that you have running at that moment. This can help to increase your audience on social media as someone already interested in your business is more likely to follow you than just a random user on the website.

A way to get more leads coming from your website is to get more people onto your website. Making yourself be seen online is very important. There’s no point in being online if no one can see you. Your main source of users finding your website will be on search engines like Google. To get your website ranking higher on the search result pages you can get our team to do some SEO work.

With this, our team will progressively optimise your website that will appeal better to the search engines like Google. This will then in return improve the score that these search engines give the pages on your site and will rank them higher on the results page. SEO can be done by doing a few different techniques that Google will use to understand the topic of the page it is looking at.

Easy To Use

WordPress is very simple and can be learnt by anyone to change content or add content to a website.


Safe and Secure

WordPress ensures that all websites are secure and safe from hackers or people training to gain access to their site. It also allows you to add additional security measures through plugins.

SEO Friendly

WordPress is SEO friendly straight out of the box, as it writes the site’s code in a way that Google can understand better to rank your site higher.

Cost Efficient

As WordPress is free and lots of plugins are also free the website can be very cost-efficient.


WordPress can be used in many different ways from blogs to online stores and you get to choose exactly what happens on the site.


Robust and Reliable

WordPress will rarely have any bugs or glitches and this will leave your site always fully functional and operating to 100%.