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WordPress is a great content management system and they have enabled people to create plugins to enhance the experience on a website. There are over 58,000 plugins to choose from that are available on WordPress. You have so much choice it can be quite hard to find the right one for your site. With Expect Best’s help, your website will have the most suitable plugins for the job.

Why should you install plugins on your site?

Plugins are used to add a feature to your site and instead of having to code a complex system onto your site, you can just add a plugin that someone else has already coded for you. With this ability, you are able to save on costs as you won’t need someone to create these systems for you as they have already been created. A lot of these plugins are also free so in some cases, there might not be any need to spend out money when adding features to your site.

WordPress Plugins

How can the plugins benefit the website?

WordPress plugins can be used for many different things as by now someone has created something for everything. Whatever you can think of is probably a plugin on WordPress. Some of the most common plugins used on a website are ones for speeding up the site by using cache to decrease the loading time for users which will ultimately improve their experience on the site. Plugins can also be added to scan pages on the website and will tell you what needs improving on the page to give your site a better chance of ranking on Google these are called SEO plugins; Some of which will use a traffic light system or a scoring system to tell you how optimised each page is.

The plugins can integrate a social media feed that you can use to promote your social accounts on your website. This is just the tip of the iceberg there are a lot of plugins you can use to add little features to your website; For example, there is a really good plugin for a before and after photo slider. You can add two photos into one space on a page then you can drag the slider from side to side to see before the work had been done and then after the work has been done.

What WordPress Plugins do we recommend?

Depending on what services and products you offer; You may or may not benefit from all of these plugins we are about to list. Monster Insights is a great plugin and can be used to connect your sites Google analytics; This will enable you to see how many people find and use your site. It will show you all of the important data right on your WordPress dashboard, it has a free version or you can pay for the premium version to give you more insights.

All in one SEO is also a great plugin and is used by over 2 million websites and offers the most comprehensive solution. It has all you need to improve your on-page SEO. Again, this is a free plugin but you can unlock more feature by paying a premium price. LiveChat Inc is the best live chat support software for businesses and e-commerce sites. It is super easy to use and allows you to quickly add live chat on your WordPress site.

Our team are more than capable to help you choose the right plugins for your website and also help to design and develop it as well. If you are thinking of building a new website from scratch, we are the people to talk to. Feel free to explore our site to see what else we can do for you. Click here!

Install With One Click

Some WordPress plugins can be installed and activated with just one click making them very easy to set up.


Security Plugins

With the addition of WordPress plugins, you can make your site more safe and secure for your users.

SEO Advantages

Installing plugins that focus on improving SEO can help your website compete at the top of Google search results.

Cost Effective

A lot of the plugins you can get on WordPress are normally free or very low costing which can help to keep you within your budget.

Customer Service

With the plugins, you can enhance your customer service by offering Live Chat and other great plugins to help customer support.


Anything and Everything

There are over 58,000 plugins to choose from on WordPress. Whatever feature you want will probably already be on there.