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When it comes to building websites, we consider ourselves experts. WordPress and Wix are two big names in the web world

— but which comes out on top?


What are the key differences between WordPress and Wix?

WordPress offers complex functionality and customization, while Wix is known for its ease of use and built-in support. WordPress requires more technical knowledge but offers greater flexibility, whereas Wix is user-friendly but may have limitations in customization and complex features.


Which platform is better for SEO: WordPress or Wix?

WordPress is generally considered superior for SEO purposes. It allows for more extensive editing and optimization of content, which can be more beneficial for Google rankings. Wix also offers SEO tools, but WordPress provides greater flexibility and control.


How do customizations compare between WordPress and Wix?

WordPress offers unlimited customization options, allowing users to tailor their websites extensively. In contrast, Wix provides a simpler, more straightforward design process but with less flexibility in customization.


Is Wix or WordPress better for beginners?

Wix is often recommended for beginners due to its user-friendly interface and no requirement for coding skills. WordPress, while offering more advanced features, may have a steeper learning curve.


Can I migrate my website from Wix to WordPress or vice versa?

Yes, migration is possible between Wix and WordPress, though the process may vary in complexity depending on the website's specifics.

WordPress vs Wix

That’s right, it’s WordPress vs Wix

We’re pitting the two against each other, so LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEE!

The team here at Expect Best has lots of experience with both web builders and can describe the pros and cons before you make that key decision.

WordPress vs Wix | The Pros

The pros of using WordPress

  1. WordPress has a broad range of complex functionality features.
  2. This means you can have systems that may require a lot of code or different plugins to be installed onto the site.
  3. WordPress also has some great templates and advanced customisation options which means you will be able to have the site looking and functioning exactly how you would like it to be. This is just scratching the surface of what WordPress can do for you and with our experience, we can create any website you need using WordPress.
  4. This is just scratching the surface of what WordPress can do for you and with our experience, we can create any website you need using WordPress.


The pros of using Wix

  1. Wix is easy to use and is aimed at non-technical users and no coding is required.
  2. Wix also has a dedicated support team so if at any point you run into a problem you can contact them to sort out the problem for you.
  3. It also has a built-in sales feature for eCommerce.
  4. Wix allows you to create none complexed websites quickly with little to no problems.

WordPress vs Wix | The Cons

The cons of using WordPress

  1. WordPress can be a little tricky to learn but with our guidance, you will be able to edit and customise anything you want.
  2. This is because we can teach you everything you will need to know.
  3. There are no dedicated support teams online (only guides and forums) but with us, we can fix any problem you have.
  4. For example, if you want an eCommerce site then you would need to install external plugins to the site.
  5. Again, with us, this is no problem as we can deal with such features when we build your site for you.


The cons of using Wix

  1. Wix being a simplistic platform means that some features that you may want on your website may not be possible.
  2. The users on Wix also have less control over their own site, this is usually seen as a trade-off for how easy it is to use the platform.
  3. The simplistic templates are tough to customise and can leave you with a website that doesn’t fit the theme of your business.


WordPress vs Wix | SEO

When building a website you want to know how your organic rankings will be effected once the site is fully built.

From our experience, WordPress is the best platform out there to give you the greatest chance of the results you want. That’s partly thanks to something called Yoast – a plugin we’ll install on your website. Yoast will allow you to edit metadata and give you guidance on what to change and improve on to make the page as optimised as possible.

Wix also has a few plugins and apps you can use to optimise your site. There’s an app called site booster that has a few features which will help you optimise the content on your site. However, this feature costs but it isn’t a huge amount for what it gives you.

For SEO we would comfortably say that WordPress is much better as the platform. It gives you much more freedom in what you can edit, change and optimise to ensure that Google is happy with the pages you are creating. WordPress is seen as one of the best platforms to use when you want to succeed in the organic rankings.

With our help and experience in the field, we can see that you reach all of your targets when it comes to SEO

WordPress vs Wix | Customisation

When it comes to design, WordPress has no limits.

In fact, you can customise your site however you want it. Not everything is simple to do but with our help, we will be able to complete the complex tasks for you so this will be no problem. With WordPress, you are able to put your own stamp onto your site. With WordPress, you can custom make anything you like and have it function in any way you like as well. Wix designs are quite limited and you may find yourself struggling to make your site look exactly how you want it. But the benefit of this is that when building pages, it’s quite straightforward and simple so you can easily use the platform.

A lot of people typically don’t mind sacrificing the look of the site when it is quick and easy to build a site.

WordPress vs Wix | In summary . . .

WordPress is the better platform to build your site on.

Although with this said, Wix is easier to use and may be quicker to put a site together. However, Wix doesn’t tick all the boxes for functionality. So, if you need a complex system installed on the site, this may not always be possible with Wix. With WordPress, we will be able to design and build the whole site for you. To find out more about our web design and development please go to our services page!