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WordPress website design – Reasons why you should be using the platform

WordPress is a massive platform that allows mainly users to produce professional blogs. However, there are many other uses of WordPress that you can learn relatively quickly. We’ve comprised a list of reasons why we think you should be using WordPress for your website.

Endless Options – WordPress website design

WordPress is one of the largest platforms that is out there and this means that there is an endless list of plug-ins that you can add to it. The plugins range from Caching tools that allow you to load pages faster the next time you visit, all the way to SEO tools that allow you to change meta descriptions and checks word density so you can change the content of the page accordingly. WordPress website design creates an on-going supply of marketing tools that your business can use, plug-ins such as a pop-up window that lets users subscribe to your newsletters and other marketing information that you might offer. The use of plugins on websites create a seamless experience for managing the website and the users that are on the website.

Ease of use

WordPress’s Back-end content management system is top of the range, allowing users to update their websites easily. We always recommend to our clients to use WordPress as their back-end CMS, the learning curve that comes with WordPress website design is very small and once you have the hang of it, it just keeps getting easier and easier. As well the simplistic factor there is also the follow-on effect of that. Being so simple to use, anyone in the business can easily update the website. Knocking out the middle man meaning that you save money and time.


WordPress website design

There’s no better for SEO

Not only does WordPress work well with the users but it also integrates well with search engines. WordPress website design has also merged great coding and markup to allow search engines to use their crawlers with ease. When producing websites for our clients we mostly deal with WordPress website design. This can mean that we are slightly biased towards the platform however, in our experience and many others WordPress has over performed in every aspect and provided thousands of users with effortless editing and not just developers.

Open sourcing and its benefits

WordPress is free to download and free to use. unlike a lot of other website platforms that charge a large fee to access their software. The only cost of WordPress is the hosting and this can be kept to the minimum. In addition to WordPress website design being free it is also constantly being updated and improved, This then means that there is always new content and features being added for your convenience. Additionally being such a big market competitor (Currently WordPress powers 22% of all websites) ensures that there is great customer support. To find our more on our WordPress website design then please click here or give us a call on 01202 237027 and one of our expert team will be happy to help you with your website or online marketing.