To increase seo traffic to your site you need to look at all the individual keywords that people may search for and ideally have a corresponding page for each of these. If you have a product or service then google is wanting to send their customer directly to that page, if it doesnt exist then you wont get ranked! The logic behind it really is that simple. To get noticed you need to create highly optimsied well written content that is good for both the reader, and the search engine.

Writing for SEO – Increase your chances of getting ranked

To increase your chances of getting a ranking for these products or services a keyword should have its own dedicated page so that Google can see how highly relevant you are. It doesnt want to have to guess if you meant to rank for that keyword or not, it wants to know that their customer is going to be welll catered for, of course in a non spammy way…
If a business want more customers they quite often focus on the easiest solution – dropping the prices or doing some sort of promotion or offer. however this is sometimes a bit of trap for businesses because their customers may only buy when they see an offer in future. It is sometimes more profitable to change perspective and over increase the value of the brand or product so that people are more willing to depart with their money because they feel they are getting a better deal, increase the value of what they are buying, rather than decrease the price you are charging.

Writing for SEO – Some of the things you can to do increase your brand value online

To do this you need to look at a few areas of the brand. This may involve looking at your logo and the image this gives, does it look expensive and high class?
When people look at your website does it look as good as your business really is?
When people look at your pr and information you have published do they see high quality content?
What is there that creates a demand? like apple, they do not create their phone in the cheapest way possible, but in the way that creates the highest possoble amount of demand for their products. They do this by providing you with more than other companies meaning they can set the price for their market way above the competition.
This same concept can be applied to your business, if you had a restaurant it is best to highlight what you do better than other restaurants, do you have better furniture, better food, a better atmosphere? Do you offer something complimentary or something to make the customer feel special or exclusive? Do you build a relationship with that customer to ensure that they want to use you over any other company?
Does your brand offer more than the competition does or are you just going to drop your prices to compete?
Some companies such as TGI Fridays rarely offer deals in their restaurants, they rarely advertise on tv or in magazines, what they do is focus on having the biggest range of cocktails and unbeatable menu and atmosphere that no other restaurant offers, all staff are trained to entertain the customer as well as serve them, meaning people would rather pay more for service at tgis rather than pay less money somewhere else with less brand value…
To ensure you are writing good content for SEO you need to ensure that your brand is also improved upon, and not just discounted.