Zoho Accounts

Zoho is a web-based online office suite. Zoho has a bunch of features that will allow you to manage every aspect of your business and be able to track costs, invoices and other expenses all in one place. Zoho brings you tools which you may already be using with other web based platforms, but what makes Zoho so good and convenient is that you can have all of your emails, colleague chats and messaging service, finance tools, web storage and a lot more tools all in one place and under one subscription. The integration aspects of the CRM will come in very useful to any business. We use Zoho for many of our own needs and today we will explain how you can take advantage of these tools with our help.

Zoho Campaigns

Zoho has a great email marketing tool called campaigns. This is great to keep all of your customers and leads up-to-date with what is going on with your business and if you have any sales or offer on. You can even send your email list exclusive deals and discounts to encourage them to purchase from you. We can help you with the design of the email campaign and do all the hard work for you through Zoho Campaigns. We have used Zoho campaigns for our own email marketing before and the system is simple and effective. You are able to track the performance of each campaign you send out to see how many people opened the email and see the amount of people that clicked on it. This information can tell you if the campaign was successful or not. We can manage all of this for you as we have a lot of experience with using this tool and we can build the campaigns so you don’t have to.

Zoho Accounts Campaigns
Zoho Accounts Forms

Zoho Forms

Zoho forms is also a great tool that can be used to collect important data for your email campaigns and other marketing strategies. We can create forms for your site, these can be enquiry forms, newsletter sign ups or any type of form you need. These are so useful as you can have as many fields as you need on the form and they can be placed anywhere on your site. With these forms you can get instant alerts to when someone has submitted an entry and the results can be sent straight to your email. You will have access to this data at anytime you like and can help you save time by having the results sent stright to you. It will also help you not miss any enquires by getting instant alerts. With all the data that is collected by these forms will be saved in a database. We can then export this data for you and then you can use the emails and other contact details for your marketing strategies as long as they haven’t opted out of receiving them. The integration between this and Zoho campaigns is very useful as you can add emails to your campaign lists from the forms that have been submitted. We have used these forms for our own site and they have been very useful to us in keeping all the data and contacts all in one place. They are also very customisable so you can have them in any colours and we can create an accurate theme to match your website.

Zoho Social

With Zoho Social you are able to schedule unlimited posts for anytime you need. This is primarily used for Facebook but can also be used for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We are able to manage this for you and create posts that you want to go onto your social media. This tool will allow you to not only schedule posts in advance but it will also give you statistics on the amount of people that were reached, how many people engaged with the post and if the post has a link on it, it will tell you many people clicked the link. Zoho social will also let you know how many followers you have across all of your socials and will display a percentage next to it to let you know how much it has increased or decreased. On Zoho social you can see all of your messages from across all of your social medias in one place which can be very useful to be able to reply to the messages as quickly as possible. This tool also gives you the ability to create reports so you can see the amount of people that have visited your social profiles and if it is more than usual or less. It can also give you a breakdown of the type of posts that you have done and the amount of engagements the posts has received. The reports can show you what city people are in that have liked your posts and can also show you the age of the people that have liked your posts as well.

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